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Spinal Cord Injury causes many changes at the molecular level that damage or destroy key components of the nervous system that carry signals to and from the brain - including neurons, axons and the myelin coating that protects the nervous system much like the insulation around an electrical cord, as well as the vascular infrastructure that carries oxygen to these tissues.

Our primary focus: 

  • Find strategies to replace lost neurons, help axons regenerate, and regeneration of the myelin coating around damaged or regenerating axons.

  • Using undifferentiated precursor cells, gene therapies, and transplanted neurons, the lab seeks to understand the development of these key components of the vascular and nervous system at the molecular and genetic level in order to protect them from damage and/or promote their regeneration.


Our group belongs to the University of Louisville School of Medicine and the Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center. We're located in UofL's medical campus in downtown Louisville, KY. 

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